Saturday, March 7, 2009

In these hard economic times, I could sure use another easy job....

Subject: Reply
From: Jenny Wu <>
Date: Sun, 01 Mar 2009 12:44:12 -0600
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Dear Recipient,

I am the recruitment officer of one of the biggest and most successful Textile,
Machinery,Aerospace, Electronics & Multimedia Energy, Metals &
Minerals,Chemicals, Forest Products & General Merchandise,Food ,Finance,
Realty, Insurance & Logistics Services for more info visit our website

I am contacting you because we are in need of a Payment Representative in the
United States,Canada,some part in Asia and Europe. So I would like to offer you
a part time job as our payment representative with which you can earn twice
your monthly salary depending on your Speed, Accuracy and Devotion to your
work. All you will be doing for us is to receive our payment on our behalf from
our client (which is always in form of Money Orders or Cashier Checks),Process
the payment and deduct your commission which is going to be ten percent (10%)of
total amount processed and remit the balance to any of our offices via
Electronic Transfer.


We need a representative because it takes a longer time period cashing checks
that was sent from the USA to us in Japan because it take like a month to clear
the checks and sending someone over to the USA to collect the checks usually
consumes a lot of money so that why we are willing to part with 8% of the total
sum so that we can always get the checks cashed in a timely fashion since they
are coming from the USA and Canada and our representative would also be in the
USA, Canada and Europe.

If interested please reply with the following information

Full Name:
Address in full ( No Po Box ) City,
State, Zipcode,

Have you recieve or done an offer like this indicate Yes or No?
If you are not Interested in this Offer do please disregard this mail thank you.

Best Regards,
Jenny Wu
For the company
ITOCHU Coporation.