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From: World Bank <>
Date: 3 April 2012 at 09:23

Mr. Robert B Zoellick.
(President World Bank)
1818 H St NW
Washington, DC 20433 USA
Facsimile: 202-477-6391
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In consideration of the legislative/legal resolution reached by the World Governing Bodies: The IMF, United Nations Organization, World Bank Group, United States Government, British Government and the European Union Commission Committee on Financial and Allied Matters following series of complaints and petitions received from the office of the European Union Police Commission, The FBI and The INTERPOL respectively over the non-payment of foreign beneficiaries' payments as at when due. This adhoc committee on fact-finding and foreign payment was subsequently inaugurated to help release immediately all the outstanding payments that had received proper approvals and endorsements from the various agencies/offices but was delayed due to the non-Chantal attitudes of those at the helm of affairs even banks.

 From the records of outstanding beneficiaries due for payment with the various Government Agencies, your name was discovered as next on the list of beneficiaries whose files showed sufficient proves to receive their overdue payment but there was counter claim all  files renew by tender board committee  before final endorsement of your  release ,  we discover that  your  so-called representatives especially bank officials who try all means to divert  your payment last year

 I wish to inform you that your Contract, Inheritance and Winning Fund is being processed and will be released to you through our Approved Payment Channels as soon as you respond to directives by The IMF, United Nations Organization, World Bank Group / notification to only deal with tender board committee goverments chairman Segar Tom email: To avoid all further bottlenecks again , we have allocated to you the third time new International Payment Voucher Number submitted to the  bank and you must quote any of these Identification Numbers before us for proper identification. Note also that your file is currently copy in my office in Washington, D.C, and from the records I have in my file, you have been cleared to receive the  fund  on hold .

 So indicate the mode you consider most convenient to allow us take further steps to that effect. Also make sure  you clear all your charges there country  , We have just today  but Segar Tom apeal  to give you  extension for this week

So indicate the mode you consider most convenient to allow us take further steps to that effect. Also reconfirm the following information to me for final ratification exercise:

 1} Your Full Name:
 2} Your Contact Telephone and Fax Number:
 3} Your Full Address:
 4} Your Marital Status, Profession and Age:
 5} Your receiving bank details:- Bank Name, Address, Account Number\IBAN,
 Swift or Sort Code, ABA or Routing Number
 6} Your International Passport/Driving License Number or any Valid ID:

 As soon as you clear up the require fee , your payment will be duly processed and released to you as you deem fit through our most reliable payment channels within the shortest possible time.  Further information\guidance will be availed to you as soon as we receive your response to this final payment release order.

through email for urgent Payment delivery.
Congratulations in Advance.
Mr. Robert B Zoellick.
(President World Bank)

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