Thursday, December 7, 2017

Fwd: Ref; United Nation Compensation Fund

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From: "western union" <&quot;www.&quot;>
Date: 6 Dec 2017 19:34
Subject: Ref; United Nation Compensation Fund

Attention: Beneficiary,

Your mail details' regarding your fund was well acknowledged on my deck this afternoon. after our official verification perusal we have obtain facts that you are the confide beneficiary of the fund valued at Three Million Five Hundred Thousand united state dollars deposited in our office by the Ministry of Finance of the federal republic of Benin through fund vault ktu/ 9023118308/03 from united nation as compensation. We want to use this opportunity to congratulate you once again for this immensely donation given to you by UN.

Please you are advice to go through this email carefully and make sure you understand and comply with the contents before replying. We are instructed by federal government of Benin to transfer your fund to you via our in-installment transfer through our service (western union money transfer). So you will be receiving $5,200.00 usd daily until the successful installment transfer of your total fund of (US$3,500,000.00) is completed.

Your first payment has been generated but not yet uploaded completed to the Western Union world wide central system for payout to you.

For the benefit of doubt visit our website and track your first $5,200.00 USD online on your personal computer as instructed below:

Enter our website online link: { } to track your payment... Then Enter the MTCN; (980 079 7877) and click (Track Transfer) your will see that your first $5,200 USD is available and still processing because the upload is yet to be completed to the western union world wide central system for payout to you from your country.

Now you are required to re-instate your payment folder from STU office for activation of your Compensation Fund before this transaction can be uploaded to the Western Union world wide central system to enable you to start picking up your daily payment from any western union office around you without any hitch)-you are advice to proceed to the western union and send the required re- in-statement charges of $79.00 USD immediately on the information contained in the payment advice below-

We intend to deduct the required charge/fee out from your total fund but the financial trust fund committee of Benin republic proof in accordance to united nation financial edits of 1990 as related to international fund transfer policy as agreed with western union acts that no one has right over your fund as it have been signed and stamped that no money should be deducted from your fund until it all gets to you to avoid any Mal-practice in making excessive deduction from your fund, be informed that if the policy is not observe it might involve corruption which in other words might lead you loosing your fund, therefore take note that we cannot deduct your fees from your fund.

We are giving you 100% assurance of completing your transfer today once the transfer activation charge is receive today.

You are also advised to send the Activation charges via western union with the information given below or send through money gram if that will be faster for you because there is no more time;

Receiver's Name:-----Cecilia   Anagor
Country:------Republic Du Benin
Text Question:------Payment
Text Answer:------Payment
Amount:--------$79.00 Only.

This is the only official requirements needed and you are given a mandate to get this concluded. So that your transfers will be uploaded correctly to the western union worldwide central system for payout of your daily transfer.

Kindly forward the below details after payment for proper confirmation and we shall proceed with the activation of your payment for available to pick up by you from any western union in your country/Address.


Please call us at +229-99741752 for any assistance in cancelling and/or refunding your money transfer.

Mr. Edward Mark
General Operation Manager.
Western Union Department
Telephone Number: +229-99355673
Ref; United Nation Compensation Fund

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