Monday, September 29, 2014

Important - Final Notification

from: Loopy Lottery Int'l
to: Recipients
date: 1 May 2014 18:03
subject: Important - Final Notification

Your e-mail attached to winning numbers below has been published on our website for a cash prize.
Winning Number:  08 26 25 28 09 45 34
Date Published: 30-Apr-2014
Amount Won: £1,000,000
On-line Confirmation:

Contact the emails below with your: Full Names, Home Address, Sex, Country, Age, Occupation, Telephone & Winning Numbers (compulsory).

Loopy Fiscal Payment Centre
Contact Person: Cecilia Brentwood
e-mail:  //

Note: Only UK resident can play online, but quarterly fiscal payment (email draws) is available to host of email database across the globe as in your case.

Mrs. Urbain Avermaete.

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