Monday, September 29, 2014


from: Mr. Benson Emordi
date: 4 July 2013 04:57

Dear Friend
My first email to you returned undelivered. I hope and pray this delivers successfully. I have been wondering how you will respond to this email based on the fact that this is my first communication to you. I know and I am aware that the internet is not the safest way to communicate this piece of information to you but due to the prevailing circumstances at this time I don't have any other option than to seek your consent for this proposition through this means.
My name is Mr. Benson Emordi. I am 45years. I pray you don’t throw this into the trash folder without giving it the much needed attention. I happened to have worked with a Lebanese man known as Jama Al Farouk. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace. I worked with him as his Confidant and Personal Assistant throughout his stay here in my country. My late boss had a very wide network and connections with top military personnels and top government officials here in Nigeria. He was into some oil deals and as well assisted these top personalities move huge sums of money abroad through a seasoned cargo company that specializes in handling such transactions.
Sincerely speaking, I really can’t figure out what actually happened between my late boss and some high ranking military personnels, but I suspected that there was a foul play which didn’t go down well with these officers and this eventually led to the assassination of my boss. Meanwhile, two days earlier before his demise, I accompanied him to the company where we deposited the sum of Twelve Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States of America Dollars for onward shipment abroad. On our way back, as if he had a premonition that he was going to be assassinated, he asked me to keep the deposit documents. The documents has been with me for the past three years, and since after his death I have not secured any good job and life has been unbearable.
I have been working out means to successfully claim this deposit to better my life. The only problem now is that I cannot be allowed to claim the deposit as the company knows my relationship with the deceased. I advised by an insider from the company to get a foreigner who we can present to the company as relative or associate. It’s based on this that I am contacting you. I will provide the documents to you that will be presented to the company. I am proposing that you will take 40%, 60% for me. Send me your complete names, contact address and direct telephone number where you can be reached. Further details will be made available on receipt of your response indicating your interest. Please note that I wouldn't like to involve any 3rd party as you will have to deal directly with me to avoid careless mistakes.
Please endeavor to send your response and contact details confidentially to
Thanks in anticipation

Mr. Benson Emordi

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